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It’s great to be back in London.

I’m back in the UK and London to work full time on my startup and I couldn’t be more excited. San Francisco was an amazing experience but after 3 years it is time for the next challenge.

In 3 years I visited lots of places in California, met amazing people and learnt a load working with great colleagues @lyris.

What will I miss most about San Francisco?

In no particular order:

  • The hills and attempting to run up them,
  • Egg-based brunches,
  • The bay, the GG bridge and the mysterious fog,
  • My friends,
  • Having an accent that everyone loves,
  • The North Star,
  • Lake Tahoe: In the Winter and Summer.


Now is the time to do something I have always wanted to do; Co-Found, grow and run a startup and it is very cool to be doing that in London.

The Visa law would not allow me to start Kickdynamic in the US (more about that in another post). If the Visa laws were more friendly would I have stayed in SF to utilise all that Silicone Valley had to offer? Maybe, but who knows because that is not an option and more importantly the other Kickdynamic Co-Founders are based in London.

Kickdynamic is made in London.

I’m looking forward to being part of the UK tech scene. One of my personal goals for the next 12 months is to become a regular face in the London Tech scene and to help my fellow startups anyway I can. This blog is going to be one way to do that. I will be posting about working as a Co-Founder in a startup in London, anything I find interesting and of course a bit about digital marketing. Some posts will be long and others short (like this one).

So a little about Kickdynamic.

Kickynamic is completely bootstrapped and growing quickly. We have build the application over the last 8 months and are working with new customers and performing a strong marketing push.

Kickdynamic will make your email marketing messages dynamic. We want to breath life into a sector that I have worked in from day 1 of my tech career; Email Marketing. Email is still the No 1 app, arguably of course. We use if every day and could not function on the internet without it. However there really has not been any real innovation in email marketing- until now!

Thanks, and more to come.

Any questions? Give me a shout, I’m always keen to chat.

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